The Best Food To Maintain Healthy Teeth

The Best Food To Maintain Healthy Teeth

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Aside from regular brushing and flossing, there are best practices that can help make teeth stronger and healthier. One good habit is to eat foods that can help your teeth fifth plaque and neutralize acidity inside the mouth. Here are some of the teeth-friendly foods that you should munch more than the starchy and sweets treats.



Black and green teas contain polyphenols- compounds proven to slow down bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. In a study conducted by the University of Illinois in Chicago, it was reported that people who rinsed their mouth with tea for a minute, 10 times every day, had lesser plaque buildup than those who rinsed with water only. The same study confirmed that the thickness and size of their plaque were reduced.

Tea has the capacity to weaken the ability of bacteria to group together.  In a separate study published in the Journal of Dental research in 2010, it was found out that black tea has the ability to fight halitosis or bad breath. Dr. Acevedo, a prominent Ontario dentist, is always happiest when she has had her morning tea. Tea not only helps maintain bad breath at bay, but it also helps you relax.



Cheese also has the ability to neutralize plaque acid. It also aids in saliva production. Saliva is important as it washes some of the bacteria inside the mouth. In a study published in General Dentistry earlier this year, it was revealed that teens ages 12-15 years old who ate cheddar cheese had lower levels of acidity in their mouths than those who prefer sugar-free yogurt or a glass of milk.

After they ate their foods, all the subjects rinsed their mouths with water. In the interval of 10, 20 and 30 minutes after rinsing, the ph levels in their mouths were measured. Those who ate sugar-free yogurt and drank a glass of milk showed no change in ph levels in their mouths, but those who ate cheese had a rapid drop in ph levels. This study only shows the power of cheese to neutralize the acidity in the mouth, thus minimizing the formation of plaque.




If you like to taste something sweet but worried about getting oral problems, choose raisins. It is naturally sweet but it doesn’t have sucrose or table sugar. Like the tea, it also contains phytochemicals which kill cavity-causing bacteria. It also has compounds that slow the growth of bacteria associated with gum disease.


Crunchy foods

Chewing may sound uncomfortable but it is a natural cleansing mechanism of the mouth. Chewing crunchy apples, cucumbers and carrots can disturb the formation of dental plaque. The bacteria go with the food down to the stomach, leaving the mouth cleaner and the breath fresher. Apples, especially are good for your teeth. If you’re in the office and are unable to brush your teeth after lunch, it is best to eat an apple as it helps get rid of food particles stuck between your teeth. It’s a win-win as you get to eat a tasty treat, and clean your teeth!

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